AdultOverviewRegeneration’s Community Mental Health Program uses a multi-disciplinary team approach that includes peer partners and staff that are trained in alcohol and drug abuse and mental health treatment.  Types of services may include psycho-social rehabilitation, medication evaluation, case management, peer and professional therapeutic supports. Diagnostic criteria and functioning level must be appropriate for level of service as determined and authorized by the Adult Mental Health Access Team. Coordination of care may include linkage to primary care physicians, alcohol and/or drug screening, and referrals to community partners to increase social supports.

Regeneration Community Mental Health Program provides psychotherapy and psychiatric services to adults with a wide array of mental health challenges. Consumers are treated in individual, group, or family therapy, or a combination of those modalities. Group therapies are an excellent treatment modality for individuals with depression, anxiety, certain phobias, and other mental health issues.

Specialty group therapies have been proven to be one of the most effective treatment modalities. Regeneration offers a plethora of therapeutic groups each month covering a wide range of treatment concerns.